Urban Decay Launches New Skin-Care Product Called Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil

Stop what you’re doing, because nothing — I repeat: nothing — could possibly trump the fact that Urban Decay just launched a facial oil that’s here to curb all of our dreaded “cake-face” moments this winter season.


Introducing the brand’s new Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil ($34), which as you might gather from its name, can be added to any of your base products to ensure a smooth, luminous, and best of all, flake-free finish. (That’s right, something tells me dry patches don’t stand a chance when using this guy.)

If this release is any indication, Urban Decay might be dipping its toes into the world of skin-care even more than it already has; the brand renowned for its Naked palettes and next-level highlighters also has a primer, a line of prep sprays, as well as another unicorn-esque mixing medium that imparts ample glow to any complexion product.

While we’ve yet to try the oil out IRL yet, you can best believe we’ll be getting our hands on it for an official test-drive, stat. I’m personally partial to anyproducts that make my skin look dewy and angelic, so I know this one will be up my alley. That said, there’s still many questions to consider: Will it work on every skin type? Will it feel viscous or super-light? And can you use it on its own?




Beware store makeup samples that may harbor harmful bacteria

A woman is suing the popular cosmetics store chain Sephora, claiming she “got the herpes virus from sampling lipstick,” “without warning of the risk of getting herpes and other diseases” from trying on makeup samples at the store.

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“It’s absolutely possible,” Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist, told TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen. “You can catch the herpes simplex virus from an inanimate object such as lipstick. In fact, that virus can survive on the surface of a lipstick tube for up to a week.”

Bowe added that it’s not just herpes; makeup samples can make you sick any number of ways.

The Rossen Reports team went undercover at popular stores, collecting samples of makeup testers with sterile swabs, then sending them to a certified microbiology lab for testing. The results were revealing.

At all three stores the Rossen Reports team tested, some samples came back with harmful bacteria, including E. coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae, two types of bacteria normally found in the intestinal tract that are expelled with feces. “You could literally be applying and smearing someone else’s fecal matter directly onto your lips,” Bowe said.

Some samples from all three stores also tested positive for Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause very serious infections, boils and lesions, especially if you have an open cut on your skin or lips, or it gets in your eyes.


Sephora told NBC News “the health and safety of our clients is our foremost priority” and their “testers are regularly sanitized, replaced and replenished.” They also said they follow “best practices in our stores” and “offer many other ways for clients to test products.”

Ulta said, “The health and safety of our guests is a top priority … We encourage and support sanitary trial by offering items like cleansers and disposable makeup applicators….”

Macy’s declined to comment.

“If you’re itching to try, then at least use the makeup on the top of your hand as opposed to using it close to your eyes or your lips, because those areas are much more vulnerable to infection,” Bowe said.

If you don’t want to test makeup samples at the store, experts say you can buy the product and try it at home; if you don’t like it, many stores will let you return the item for a full refund.



Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Named an Invention of the Year

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty has lit up all our lives, and it’s about time it was recognized by the establishment!

Time magazine announced their 25 Best Inventions of the Year and, of course, Fenty Beauty is on the list. It’s a pretty impressive list, and it’s no surprised to see the makeup empire next to such innovations as the iPhone X and mugs that self-heat your coffee (!!!).

Queen Rih Rih spole to Time about being included on the list.

Image result for Rihanna's Fenty Beauty Named an Invention of the Year

“It was important that every woman felt included in this brand,” she said. “We are all so different, with our own unique skin tones, so we started with the 40 foundation shades out the gate.”

“I never could have anticipated the emotional connection that women are having with the products and the brand as a whole,” she continued. “Some are finding their shade of foundation for the first time, getting emotional at the counter. That’s something I will never get over.” 



These Are the 5 Iconic Nude Lipsticks You Should Know About

But as we know, nude is never just one shade. One’s flesh color is another woman’s deep brown. It’s also why the search for the perfect tube is a very personal experience. It can sometimes take years to find your match. So in order to help you out in your quest, we listed down the nude lipsticks that have earned their own reputation, reflecting how diverse the color is.

Internet Favorite: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme 

Byrdie reports that this creamy and affordable formula is a Pinterest favorite. It’s been re-pinned around 200,000 times so you know the obsession is real. With a peachy-brown shade along with a non-drying finish, this lipstick won’t find difficulty finding a place in your kit. Available at The SM Store, Makati.

The Closest Thing to Lip Injections: MAC in Whirl 

Back when Kylie Jenner wasn’t admitting to getting lip enhancers, she claimed that her lips were a combination of six different colors. But she also admitted on her app that MAC in Whirl, which is perhaps one of the brand’s oldest products, was a go-to. “I was always trying to make my lips look bigger, but I didn’t want people to know I was actually wearing lipstick,” reports Seventeen. When she found this shade, she made the demand for it go up instantly, “I was really into it, but once everyone figured out what I was wearing, it would sell out.” Available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

The Lipstick That’s Never In Stock: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita 

A former Sephora employee confirms the cult status around this liquid lipstick, “Lolita is always sold out because it’s that perfect wearable nude that anyone and everyone will love—it’s universal.” Described as a chestnut rose, it’s flattering for a lot of skin tones and the formula doesn’t flake off over time. If you want to get the whole Lolita experience, it’s not too late to get the limited edition box set, Lolita Obsession. Available via SephoraPH.

Red Carpet Approved: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in Pillow Talk 

You know you have a great lipstick in your hands when the people who wear it are as follows:  Julia Roberts, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alexa Chung, and Oliva Culpo plus Emma Roberts, Salma Hayek, and Nicole Kidman. Allure says that the lipstick started out as Charlotte’s most loved lip pencil. It was such a hit that her clients requested for it to have a matching lip shade. The color is said to be the definition of the hard-to-achieve MLBB (My Lips But Better). I could go on describing this but let me leave you with this fact: This was Amal Clooney’s wedding day lipstick of choice. Available via Net-A-Porter.

Sinful Splurge: Christian Louboutin Just Nothing Lip Color

First note packaging that looks extra and is an homage to Louboutin’s signature heel. If you want to, you could even wear this tube as a necklace. Second is the color which a cool-toned nude that still suits a lot of women. It also has a non-drying formula so it sits comfortably on the lips. Hey, if you really want to #treatyourself, this just might be the way to go. Available online.

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Victoria’s Secret Angels Wore This Lipstick for the 2017 VS Fashion Show

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show has bedroom beauty on lock. A soft smoky eye, perfectly tussled hair, and the kind of rosy pink pout you can only get one of two ways: by making out for hours or reaching for a tube of the models’ ridiculously flattering nude lipstick.

 Image result for Victoria's Secret Angels  2017 VS Fashion Show

Last night, Victoria’s Secret pulled off yet another killer fashion show (despite having some issues with getting all the models to Shanghai). With 80 looks in total — Swarovski-encrusted wings, a sapphire studded bra, a surprise Balmain collab — it was almost hard to notice anything else. But IMHO, it was the subtle yet sexy beauty looks that stole the show (along with Bella Hadid’s abs).

Luckily, the makeup is easier to get your hands on than the abs.

To achieve the MLBB lips seen on the models last night, reports New Beauty , Victoria’s Secret’s lead makeup artist Tom Pecheux used Victoria’s Secret Velvet Matte Cream Lip Stain ($14) in Adored — on every single model. “Velvet Lip Matte Cream Lip Stain in Adored is the perfect base for lips; simply dab onto the lips to enhance a pink natural lip color,” Pecheux told New Beauty.

Victoria’s Secret

With this year’s diverse runway (the range of skin tones could have given Rihanna’s award-winning Fenty Beauty foundation range a run for its money), how is that possible, you ask? After using the soft beige stain as a base, Pecheux then used a second lip shade — a dusty rose dubbed Perfection or a punchier mauve called Love — to compliment each models’ exact coloring. Pure lip layering genius.

Image result for Victoria's Secret Angels  2017 VS Fashion Show



J. Crew Beauty Department Now Sells Makeup and Korean Skin-Care Products

Just in time for the holiday season, J.Crew has some pretty big news — their beauty department is about to get a whole lot more amazing.


Twenty of your favorite, Instagrammable beauty brands will be hitting stores on Tuesday, November 21. Yep, you read that right. So, while you’re picking up some adorable holiday sweaters and stocking stuffers at J.Crew, you’ll also be able to add makeup and skincare to your shopping bag as well.

Courtesy of brand

The new brands that are included in the beauty launch are the following: Apa, Cirque, Côte, Glow Recipe. KNC, Lanolips, Lauren Napier, Make, Miint, Milk Makeup, Odeme, Peach and Lily, Project M, Rosie Jane, Spela, and Stowaway. A few beauty brands such as Nailmatic, Pinch Provisions, RMS, Rosebud Perfume Co, Sara Happ, and Troi Ollivierre have been previously found at J.Crew and are coming back to stores.

J.Crew has picked products that fall into one of two categories: color and glow. Amazing nail lacquers from Cirque and bright lipsticks from Make would fall under the “color” category. While Milk’s out-of-this-world highlighters are in the “glow” family.



7-Eleven has a new makeup line — and everything is under $5

When most people think of 7-Eleven, they think of Slurpees and cheap snacks. It’s not necessarily the first place you would think of to go for makeup, but its new line of beauty products might change that.

Simply Me Beauty is the convenience store chain’s new line of budget-friendly makeup that they’re hoping will meet the needs of cost-conscious millennials. The line features a surprisingly wide variety of options — and it’s all under $5.

For the eyes you’ll find eyeshadows, mascara, and faux lashes.

Simply Me Beauty eye products.

The new line features affordable concealers, brow powders, and blush.

Simply Me Beauty face products.

BB Cream and makeup removing wipes are also available.

More face products.

There are lip crayons and lipsticks in a variety of colors and surprisingly sleek packaging.

Simply Me Beauty lip products.

Simply Me Beauty has already started rolling out to 7-Eleven stores and should be available everywhere soon for all the beauty lovers on a budget.



LaCroix-Inspired Eye Makeup Could Be The Next Big Instagram Trend & Here’s How To Get The Look

Here we are again. LaCroix-inspired hair went viral on Instagram recently after colorists were challenged to create colorful looks based on the bold cans of the soda alternative. Now, LaCroix-inspired eye makeup is looking to assert itself on the internet  and it’s bound to be the next viral trend.

On Nov. 17, beauty influencer Markie Meghan posted a mermaid-like, pink and purple LaCroix makeup look. The shimmery, ’80s-influenced style was based on can of Berry LaCroix, since that’s her fave flavor. Markie paired her ethereal, thoroughly extra eye makeup with a bold, berry-stained, matte lip. And the look was jawdropping.

The artist says she used Sigma Beauty’s new Créme de Couture Pressed Color Palette to craft the bulk of this unforgettable look, but also used the brand’s highlighter palette and lip color to seal the deal.

“I’m always inspired by pastels, metallics and glitters,” Markie told Bustle via email. “I also love the look of the decades before us and LaCroix cans really grab most of those aesthetics. So, it was really a no brainer to match an entire look to a flavor.”

LaCroix eye makeup isn’t quite right for the office or even every day wear. But with the holiday season in full effect, it’s certainly a trend you can pull off at any party you attend. It’s the season of sparkle and you can totally go all out — and don’t forget the glitter roots.

Courtesy of Sigma Beauty

You can totally see the can and its wisps of color translated into eye makeup with this side-by-side comparison. It’s a literal take, but in exactly the right way.

Markie was quick to point out in the comments of her Insta post that the LaCroix look was Sigma Beauty’s idea, and that she simply went with it. She was also clear that this was not an ad for LaCroix. The brand was simply a source of inspo, and the look was based on another viral Internet trend aka LaCroix hair.



Hailey Baldwin Wore 2017’s Sexiest Swimsuits, and She Has the Bikinigrams to Prove It

It seems like Hailey Baldwin owns every style of swimsuit known to mankind. Or at least she knows an Instagram-worthy swimsuit when she sees one. Either way, it seems she hoards swimsuits by the drawer full, and we can’t blame her when they look this good.

The model constantly posts Instagram shots of herself in various styles, causing thousands of followers to hit that “like” button. She loves swimsuits so much, she’s been known to play favorites and even double up on certain designs.

Hailey-Baldwin-Swimsuits-2017 (1)

Throughout 2017, Hailey has worn some of the hottest swimsuits of the year, which is why we’re dubbing her the queen of swimwear. From a peach crochet two-piece to a white tie-front bikini, there’s no style Hailey can’t rock. Have a look for yourself and shop for similar swimsuits while you’re at it.




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