German Skin Care Brands Are On The Rise

K-Beauty introduced you to Korean jelly cleansers and BB creams. J-Beauty informed you all about the benefits of Japanese sake ingredients and essences. This time, the conversation is on G-Beauty. Germany beauty products are starting to flock beauty isles everywhere you go. You will find them in Bluemercury as well Whole Foods. K-Beauty was birthed at an attempt by the Korean government to make Korean products marketable in other countries.  However, G-Beauty concerns itself less with pushing routines. It is focused, rather, on making it easy for more people to access clean beauty. Boutique owners say that customers have taken well to Germany beauty because it is keen on adhering to the European standard of clean—that means that the products do not have toxins. Another thi...

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Cosmetics for the Selfie Generation

CoverGirl has spent a great deal of time researching how its foundations perform under different lighting— for instance, under fluorescent bulbs and in the sun. Recently, they decided to try another test: the iPhone challenge. The principal scientist at CoverGirl, Sarah Vickery says that they have one category of consumer who spends most of her time taking pictures. The most important thing to her and even her social group is her appearance and how her selfies look. For this reason, they must consider this factor seriously. Multiple cosmetic companies have created products that offer airbrush effects, photo finishes, and other features that play with light and claim to make users ready for the camera. However, a few brands have started making wares that withstand certain challe...

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Business Tips

How to Start a Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are quite popular. They are a social institution just as much as they are a facility for enhancing appearance. Business Overview This business will suit you if you like enhancing the public’s confidence. It would be nice if you are sociable and have cosmetology training. Although you will not need a cosmetology license if you are performing the services yourself, it helps to understand them. You may choose to hire a manager or do it. The growth potential of a business salon can be unlimited if you choose your location carefully. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Getting Started To successfully run your beauty salon business, you should understand the details of beauty salon functions. If you have experience, things will work ...

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Hair Care Tips

Melanated Hair Care Tips

Black hair care specialists receive numerous questions about black hair. People need detailed instructions. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell you the exact thing to do for your child’s hair or even yours. Properly maintaining black hair is an art. Everyone’s hair is a little unique and the maintenance routine varies. Trial and error are usually a great approach. Alternatively, you can use the general guidelines given here and tweak them as you get to know your hair better. Expectations for African American Hair The most common complaint you will always hear about African American hair is that it is dull or dry. Instead of going overboard trying to attain shine and sheen, have realistic expectations. Natural African hair cannot be as shiny as Caucasian or permed hair bec...

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