Disney Invented the Coolest New Makeup Technology

In the future, your makeup is going to be lit, literally. Fast Company reports that Disney Research, the scientific-research arm of the Walt Disney Company, has discovered Makeup Lamps, a special light that can project the “illusion of makeup” onto a human face. It’s similar to the Intel facial-mapping technology used by Lady Gaga at the 2016 Grammys to transform into David Bowie.

Like a Snapchat makeup filter but more complex, the Makeup Lamp can accurately react to a face’s movements even while it is in full Heath Ledger Joker “makeup” so that it looks seamless and viewers never suspect that light, rather than hours in a makeup chair, is behind the metamorphosis. Its implications for movie makeup, performances, and posturing on social media seem strong. You may never need to know how to contour or buy a contouring palette ever again; instead, simply find the right light. And it could give new meaning (and perhaps truth) to the #NoMakeupSelfie. Watch the video below to see more about how it works.





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