Getting Your Hands On These Cheap Makeup Brushes Is So Easy

When it comes to beauty brands, Maybelline is a true legend. From its iconic Great Lash Mascara to the newly-expanded Fit Me and Dream Cushion foundation ranges — which work for more complexions than many drugstore lines! — the brand’s offerings are equal parts classic and revolutionary. Plus, it’s all crazy cheap. So when we heard that the brand was launching a set of luxe, duo-fiber makeup brushes, our hearts skipped a beat.

So what can you expect? None of the brushes above will be priced over $10, which means you can scoop up the entire set for a fraction of what prestige tools cost. Even better, the five-piece collection is sold separately, which makes rounding out your collection a breeze. There are three face brushes:
A large slanted beauty for powder formulas like bronzer, blush, setting powder, and contour; a curved contour brush for any formula; and a flat stippling brush for cream, liquid or powder foundation. Plus, as you can see, a concealer brush and slanted shadow brush for carving out the crease.
According to Allure you won’t be able to get these bad boys online until January 2018, but there’s a bright side. Until then you can scoop them up at select Walmart locations, which makes a lot of sense, considering the store stocks nearly every necessity you can imagine. (As if your shopping list needed another reason to hit the megastore.)
Only time will tell if the line with be expanded to more brushes — we’d like to suggest a brow, lip, or highlighter brush, please — but until then, we suggest grabbing these babies while you can. And a tube of Great Lash, while you’re at it…

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