Slingbacks Are About To Become Your New Summer Shoe

What goes around comes around, and we know that to be doubly-true when it comes to fashion trends. Court shoes, kitten heels, sling-backs — whatever you call them, they’ve been sliding into our peripheral and are ready to make a full-on comeback. These low-heeled shoes are reminiscent of feathered-edge mini dresses and half the closet scenes in Sex and the City, and it’s that exact late-’90s/early 2000s nostalgia that makes them so great. Since we’re already half-way there when it comes to our apparel, we might as well go the whole nine yards.
After a few years of platform booties, towering lace-up heels, and strappy stilettos, a light-weight mini-heel is the perfect break for our summer outfits (and for our feet). With these, you still get some of the height, minus the teetering — and with a d’orsay cut, they’re practically sweat-free.
If you’re still searching for the shoe of the season, consider your mission accomplished.

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