Sundresses Are the Easiest Summer Outfits

For those of us living in climates with cooler winters, one of the best things about getting dressed in summer is that wearing a dress is finally not a total hassle. No more digging through your tights drawer to find a pair that isn’t yet riddled with holes, finding a sweater to layer, or accepting the fact that your outfit will ultimately be ruined by your clunky, blizzard-proof boots.


No, for the next few months, all you need to do is put your dress on and go — full stop. Now, the only dress-related struggle you might encounter is how to convince yourself that you don’t need every cute one you see.

On that note: apologies, because we’re about to show you more than a dozen cute dresses that start at $10. Whether you lean toward a more minimal and structured look, like a tank dress from Black Crane, or are down for something a little louder, like an all-over patterned dress from Réalisation, there are more than enough options to provide one-and-done outfits for you all summer.




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