Nora Cosmetics ideal for African women

She becomes more confident, and this makes her look even better.

As her confidence grows, so does the respect she commands at work, home, and anywhere.  As her insecurities fall away, she becomes more daring, self-assured, courageous; she finds she can do anything.  Her life improves in every way.  This is why a young Motswana from Bobonong, the beautiful Nora Mc Aslin, has found it fit to come up with a makeup line that would be ideal for African women’s skin.

Mc Aslin’s makeup from Nora Cosmetics has three types of foundations that are ideal for all types of African women’s skin tones.  Her product has three shades favourable for the different tones.  Her foundation come in Royal Highness for women with light complexions, Virtues for medium toned women and Black Queen for darker skin.

“I started selling my product last year.  I have always liked makeup, but I realised that most of the makeup that we buy is not conducive for our skin and as a result most black women always struggle with the colour of many of the makeup brands imported into our country, as they do not favour our skin tones,” she said.

She explained that in most cases most women either used makeup that does not match their skin tone or give up using makeup altogether.  Even though she explained that it was important for all the women to use makeup to enhance their beauty, most of it is imported, with some having bad side effects on other women’s skin.

Mc Aslin said her foundations were ideal for all skin types.  She said she decided to come up with a brand that would not only change women’s skin tones.  She said since most countries in Africa are hot, she decided to add a sunscreen to her makeup line because she realised that most women did


not like applying the protective cream on their faces before applying makeup.

“My line is also made up of minerals so it is ideal for those women who are afraid to use makeup because they fear that it would give them blemishes or have other negative side effects on their skin. My foundation has a combination of crème and powder specially formulated for women of colour.  This product is highly user-friendly and effortless. It is mineral-based, light weight and blends well with most skin tones providing a long lasting natural feel,” she said.


She explained that her mission is to make women with colour beautiful and ooze with confidence.  She added that her brand was doing very well in both the local and international markets.  She said she is currently selling her brand in South Africa, Zambia and other African countries where it had a positive response.

“I do all the designing, but the brand is manufactured in Taiwan. I hope in future I will be able to acquire the skills and resources to manufacture my product locally. Recently, I have been teaching the techniques of using and applying the makeup,” she said.

Just like any other young Motswana, Mc Aslin said when she started her brand; she wanted to make it big. She added that she wanted to create jobs for her fellow Batswana youth and due to determination and hard work she was able to expand her brand as she had hired 16 sales people.  She said she was also selling her products in different chemists and pharmacies across the country.

Nora Cosmetics scooped first position at the recent Youth Expo.  She said her brand could be used throughout the year in all seasons.  Mc Aslin said that she would like to expand her brand and sell lipsticks, eyeliners and other brands of makeup.




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