Pop Star Dua Lipa Talks About Creating a Unicorn Lip Gloss For MAC

British pop star Dua Lipa’s eyebrows are as fierce as her dance lyrics (we dare you to listen to her hit “Blow Your Mind” without it getting stuck in your head). So we totally get why MAC chose to partner with her on a limited-edition lip gloss, Dua Lipa Cremesheen Glass ($21). She joins a prestigious roster that includes Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Mariah Carey.

The clear lip color is gorgeous — and perfect for unicorn–lovers thanks to its multipearl, iridescent finish. Here, Dua speaks exclusively to POPSUGAR about what inspired the product, how to wear it, and the unexpected ways she uses a toothbrush.

POPSUGAR: MAC has worked with some of the biggest musicians in the industry. What does it feel like to join that roster?


Dua Lipa: The collaboration between MAC and the artists they work with has always been something I’ve admired. Together the products are created by bringing out the personalities of the talent, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to do the same. It’s just very exciting. My Lipglass is the physical outcome of music and fashion and beauty all coming together just like those collaborators before me.


PS: Why did you pick this shade?

DL: After looking at all of the products that MAC has already launched, I was very much drawn to the Lipglass. I really wanted to create a gloss that was easy to apply with or without a mirror.

When I met with the team and found out I was able to create see-through gloss in the Cremesheen texture, I knew I had to make one for my namesake product. I added the iridescent aspect, because I love including a pinch of glitter in my outfits, on my nails, and by using MAG Pigments for my makeup.

PS: How do you see this shade being worn?

DL: You can easily layer this shine on top of bare lips or colored lipsticks. I love mixing it to create a look that’s super casual or can be totally glamorous. Making it clear with added shimmer was a way to make my product the perfect choice for either daytime or night, on or off stage.

PS: What other makeup would you pair with it?

DL: I generally prefer a really simple eye with some mascara for a daytime look, topped with gloss on the lips . . . I love being able to wear things that make me feel comfortable and exude my personality — that in turn makes me feel more confident. It’s so fun and easy to add a little bit of glitter to go from sporty to glam or to quickly clean up your look just by putting on high heels. I’m all about effortless style.

PS: What are some of your favorite MAC products?

DL: I love MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork, because it’s a creamy shadow that wears for hours. I usually apply right on the eye, and I’m good to go. Another perk is that I use it also as a primer and makes my routine super easy, especially when I’m traveling.

Some of my other favorites are the skincare products from MAC including the Prep + Prime line. MAC Prep + Prime Fix + is an essential for misting my face before and after makeup. I’m pretty sure one of my first purchases from the brand was MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo, which is a cult product.

PS: You have amazing brows. How do you do them?

DL: I like to fill them in, but I always rely on an empty mascara brush to tame them.

PS: Any other beauty secrets?

DL: Especially when I’m traveling, I’ll use a new toothbrush as a lip scrub. It’s so quick and easy in prepping my lips for whichever products I’m going with that day. Once I finish a mascara, I’ll use the brush to comb my brows. It gives them a little texture but a lot of control. The MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork is technically a creamy shadow, but I often use it as a bronzer by tapping the color in with my fingertips.





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