The Solution To Sweat-Proof Makeup

Summer is very nearly here- hurrah! We’ve only been wishing for it since the first day of winter 2016 and with the last month being a total, but typical, British washout, it really could not come soon enough.

Without sounding like a miserable old Doris, let’s be real, before we know it our lust for summer will soon be plagued with complaints of sweating out on the central line during the commute home from work, sandwiched in-between other hot and smelly fellow commuters who are trying (and failing) desperately to rally round the tiny tube window in between the carriages in the hope of some, albeit polluted, air in a bid to cool down. Whilst others on the flip side (the lucky ones whose Instagram feeds we try our best to avoid at all costs) are smugly sunning themselves in Santorini- either way, here are my top tips to sweat proof makeup this summer…

Brows that won’t budge

Brow kits are ten to the dozen I know, but in order for your brows to stay put even in the hottest of conditions you need a brow kit that really goes above and beyond and the SO ME Brow Kit compact really comes out on top. I’ve tested it at gym after a 60 min cardio workout, at a spin class, sunbathing on holiday – it’s a real hero kit that you quite simply need in your life come sun or rain.

Here’s another option, a far more permanent option, when I say permanent I mean a type of tattoo in the form of semi permanent makeup aka microblading. This is the ultimate investment for makeup that doesn’t budge, well for a whole 12 months at least when they might start to fade. Microblading only takes 1.5hours to apply including consultation time and guarantees perfect, professional looking brows every single day. So no matter how much you sweat you can rest knowing your brows are ‘on fleek’ as the kids say.

Foundation that doesn’t fall off

Even with all the ‘full’ coverage promises and with the biggest price tags on the market, foundation has a habit of literally dissolving into thin air, and in some cases literally falling off your face due to high temperatures. To avoid this from happening you need to apply a decent primer that acts as a magnet to your foundation to keep it in place all day long, I swear by the Photo Finish Primer by Smashbox.

Once your makeup is complete spray it into place using my ‘never leave the house without’ Hydrating Face Spray by sensitive skincare brand Sönd, powered by super ingredient silicia, it not only sets your makeup but is ideal for keeping in your bag during the summer months for an instant face refresh – the nicest feeling ever for the times your face feels like a frying pan!

Smudge-free, luscious lashes

Applying mascara is literally pointless on sweltering summer days – you spend all that time coating your lashes in the morning for it to slide off by lunchtime! Mascara will attach itself to your lids or smudge underneath your eyes, making you look like a cast member of Game of Thrones rather than a sophisticated summer goddess.

The solution? There are three options here with a hands down favourite…

1. Go mascara free, have non-existent lashes, and opt for the statement red lip to make up for your non-lash look

2. Book yourself in for LVL – It’s a lengthening, volumising and lifting treatment for your natural that lasts up to 12 weeks- makes a huge improvement on being mascara-free and works especially for those who have naturally long lashes

3. Lash Extensions – the saviour for summer makeup in my opinion, the only option If you ask me as it really does make such a huge difference to your overall look and saves you an extra 10 mins in bed in the morning, win- win! I’ve been going to Lashes by Liana in Marylebone, she’s the eyelash queen and I’ve never had so many compliments on my lashes!




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