Maybelline is creating a Wonder Woman makeup collection

Wonder Woman is a movie sensation that is truly taking the world by storm. It is, in many ways, the first story of its kind. A story which features an independent female hero who is respected and taken seriously while also being strong and beautiful. So it’s no real surprise why audiences have responded to this movie the way they have.

And if you’re one of the many avid Wonder Woman fans out there, you’ll be beyond excited to hear that there is a Wonder Woman inspired makeup line coming soon.


The line has been created by Maybelline and according to Makeup World News, the line will include matte liquid lipsticks, nailpolishes and a special edition Colossal Big Shot mascara.

At this stage not too much information is available. But we’re expecting to see the line available in stores soon, before the movie hype dies down. We’re also expecting that Australian customers will be able to buy this line for the usual Maybelline stockists like Priceline.



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