The Farsali Unicorn Essence Just Dropped on Sephora—and It’s Already Sold Out

Remember when we all went gaga for the shimmery, do-it-all Farsali Unicorn Tears last year? Well, it’s baaaaack. And this time with a new moniker—it’s now called Farsali Unicorn Essence—and a new place to shop. The sparkly antioxidant-spiked serum-primer-highlighter hybrid just dropped last night on, giving you one more place to shop the Instagrammer-favorite treatment. (It was previously only available on the company’s website.) But before you race over to the online beauty mecca to add a bottle to your virtual cart, be forewarned: It’s already sold out. (Sigh.)


To be perfectly honest, I’m not at all surprised at this multipurpose elixir’s popularity. Just a few drops of the water-based serum—which is made with superfood fruits açai, blueberry, and goji berry to fight off free radicals—can solve a laundry list of skin concerns. For starters, it can be used as a hydrating premoisturizer treatment when gently dabbed into the skin, as a primer to smooth skin before applying foundation, as an eye-shadow primer before you get your smoky eye on (meaning, yes, the elixir is eye-safe), and as a liquid highlighter to accentuate your chiseled cheekbones and Cupid’s bow. Needless to say, this stuff is magic. Hence its name, Unicorn Essence. Also, it goes without saying it’s one of the prettiest-looing serums we’ve ever laid eyes on. (Serums in general are kind of nasty-looking, no?)


Want in on the goods? We’ve reached out to Sephora for an update on when you can expect a restock, and will update you as soon as we hear back. In the meantime? Get sneaky. The product is still available on the brand’s website for $54. And if you’ve already got a Sephora haul saved in your cart, the brand’s cult-classic gold-flecked dry facial oil, the Rose Gold Elixir, is still in stock (at least for the time being) at Which is one way of saying that in these final days of winter—praise be—if you’re still chasing a luminous glow, this might just be your new go-to.



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