3 Best-Selling Blush Palettes That Will Change the Way You Do Your Makeup

Bronzer is cool and all, but what about blush?

Blush: the oft overlooked makeup product that, these days, get trumped in favor of its all-over tanning counterpart. But here’s an idea, let’s make blush a thing again. If you get the right color (and yes the below shades work for everyone), it can actually do more for you than you think. A pop of pink is not only so quick and easy (it literally takes two seconds to apply), it also gives your face a nice fresh, flush (which we all know translates to looking younger.)

Into it? These three best-sellers are your best bets.

ESC: Best-Selling Blush Palettes
If you’re the penny-pinching type, this multitasker is for you. The limited-edition palette includes six convertible cheek and lip shades that, bonus, are universally flattering. Feel free to use just one shade at a time or mix and match. Pro tip: For a touch of highlighter, use Cloud Nine lightly layered over any of the others and you’re GTG.

BUY IT: Tarte Limited-Edition Kiss & Blush Cream Cheek & Lip Palette, $42

ESC: Best-Selling Blush Palettes
Okay, this one’s for all you budget babes out there. For just six bucks you can mix and match four flawless shades (two matte and two shimmery) to achieve an Instagram-worthy glow each time. Did we mention you can also use this one to create that contour, too? Neat.

BUY IT: e.l.f. Blush Palette, $6

ESC: Best-Selling Blush Palettes
If you’re a minimalist and like to stick with what you know, Mac’s Peaches is your perfect match. It’s a peachy-pink shade, and the transfer is sheer (a.k.a. beyond natural looking). It’s matte, but not dull and adds a pop of color to any skin tone with just one simple swipe. Done and done!

BUY IT: MAC Powder Blush in Peaches, $23




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