A Fidget Spinner Lip Gloss Now Exists

If someone were to tell you right now, apropos of nothing, that BuzzFeed (as in, the website) was not only launching its own fidget spinner, but also a fidget spinner that has three lip glosses housed inside it, and that you could pre-order one of your own for $9.99, it seems unlikely that you would believe them. But these are strange times we’re living in, and April Fools’ Day was almost three months ago — and, yes, BuzzFeed is indeed bringing a fidget spinner-lip gloss hybrid to the world.
The finished product is called Glamspin, and it’s guaranteed to appeal to the attention-deficit child that lives inside all of us.
Where do we even begin? Maybe with the fact that the Glamspin seems to be marketed mainly to children, which is kind of genius. Lip gloss might just be the only thing that could make a fidget spinner more attractive to fidgety little people in need of a distraction, because everyone knows that compulsive lip gloss application is basically the grown-up go-to for people who don’t know what to do with their hands.
The three gloss options are Peach Whirl, Strawberry Cyclone, and Grape Twist, which also coincidentally sound like they could easily be new-and-improved Fanta flavors. Along with being the first multitasking fidget spinner (as far as we’re aware), the Glamspin is also better-looking than most, with bold sans serif fonts and pastel colors that bring Glossier to mind. It was developed in collaboration with Taste Beauty, a kitschy company that helps brands manufacture innovative new products along with offering their own.
The Glamspin is set to begin shipping in mid-July, which means you can get your twitchy hands on one in only a few weeks’ time. Considering average, run-of-the-mill fidget spinners have been selling out in stores everywhere since the toy surged in popularity over the last few months, this even-better version is bound to be a success. The concept is weird — but it just might work.

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