7 Expert Tips To Ensure Your MakeupDoesn’t Run In The Sticky Summer Heat

While we love being in the sun all summer,  it’s not that fun when you’re makeup runs down your face due to humidity. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because we have expert tips on how you can prevent your makeup from running!

Now that summer is officially in full swing, so is the heat and humidity! One of the hardest things to maintain in the summer is a flawless face of makeup, because being in the sticky sun can melt off all your makeup, causing it to run down your face, which is quite possibly our worst nightmare. If you’re worried about this happening to you and don’t know what precautions to take to prevent it, look no further because we have easy expert tips on how to keep your makeup on all day long.


Shara Strand, makeup artist in NYC’s Pierre Hotel shared 7 amazing tips for keeping your makeup in place all summer long:

1) “Silica is a great ingredient to use in primer to keep skin looking matte, which will allow makeup to stay on a lot longer. Our best selling summer primer is the liquid powder shine eliminator (has the silica in it.)”

2) “The more matte your skin can be, the less oil skin will secrete, the longer your makeup will stay.”

3) “Primer is the key to making makeup last in the hot summer month, without it, you can’t expect makeup to last. Try Shara Cosmetics Satin Slip Primer.”

4) “Foundation also should have more of a matte finish.”


5) “Always set your foundation with a loose translucent powder to keep makeup on.”

6) “Waterproof mascara and gel eyeliners are great because they are both waterproof, so no makeup will run. Try Shara Cosmetics Waterproof Mascara.”

7) “If you want your lipstick to stay put through summer’s heat use foundation on your lips first as a base. Then, use a waterproof gel lip liner all over the lip as a base for your lipstick. Next, use the lipstick in light layers with your lip brush.”

What do you guys think of these amazing tips — will you try them out this summer?


7 Expert Tips To Ensure Your Makeup Doesn’t Run In The Sticky Summer Heat


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