How To Get Perfect Eyebrows In 5 StepsFrom Makeup Expert Bobbi Brown

Eyebrows are so, so important. They can literally change the way you look. Luckily, big, bold brows are totally in, and with a few expert tips, you can have amazing brows in just a few minutes every day!

As a Beauty Director, I’ve obviously been following Bobbi Brown for many years, and although I’ve seen her backstage at New York Fashion Week, I’ve never had the chance to sit down with the icon one-on-one in a quiet environment. Luckily, and STORY, an ever changing concept store in Chelsea, New York, partnered together for their newest concept — a “Fresh” theme. The store is full of fresh produce and super fun gizmos and gadgets that help you cook at home and look chic while doing it. I’m OBSESSED with STORY — there is always something new and fun in the space, so if you are in NYC, be sure to check it out!


I was luckily enough to interview Bobbi about her beauty philosophies and her newest book, Beauty From The Inside Out. Bobbi shared some easy to follow tips for a more beautiful life: drink tons of water every day, use coconut oil (in smoothies or on your face), and sleep with a silk pillowcase. She also loves green powders, especially since she is so busy. She likes the WelleCo Super Elixir Alkalising Greens and AlkaMind Daily Greens. WelleCo was co-founded by supermodel Elle Macpherson, who still looks AMAZING at 53, so I’ll have what she’s having! Bobbi shared a lot with me, but I want to share with YOU her top tips on perfect brows!

Safilo Eyewear Fashion Show at 2014 Vision Expo at The Javits Center, New York, America - 28 Mar 2014

Bobbi writes in her book: “Brows are often ignored, but a beautifully defined pair has the power to transform your look. The right shape and definition can balance out your features and frame your eyes.” Here’s what to do:
“1. Brush up your brows with a brow brush.
2. Trim brows with small brow scissors if you have any stray hairs growing outside your brow shape.
3. Tweeze any straw brow hairs. Don’t over tweeze, as super-thin brows aren’t flattering on anyone. It is helpful to get a professional to shape your brows and then maintain the shape on your own.
4. Define your brows by fulling in any bare areas with a brush and eye shadow or a brow powder, or a pencil. Choose a shade in the same tone as your brow color. If you have black hair, go with a slightly softer shade, like a dark ash brown or a deep brown-black. If you are blonde, keep the shadow in the same tone as your brow hair. Full in starting at the inner corner of your brows and brush straight up. For the rest of your brow, brush up and over along the shape of your brow, filling in any gaps with powder. If you still have bare spots, try filling them in with an eyeliner pencil.
5. Tame unruly brows using clear brow shaper [gel]. The product comes with a wand that you brush into your brows to apply.”

And done, so easy!


How To Get Perfect Eyebrows In 5 Steps From Makeup Expert Bobbi Brown


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