Tips From Demi Lovato’s Makeup Artist

It’s no surprise that Demi Lovato looks flawless on her new single art & her contour is on fleek. You have to hear the secret tricks her makeup artist used to get this glam look so that you can try it out for yourself!

Demi Lovato, 24, looks stunning on the cover of her new single, ‘Sorry Not Sorry.’ Not only does her skin look completely flawless, her eyebrows, lashes, and contour are all perfect. Demi’s long time makeup artist, Jill Powell, shared her secrets on how she contoured Demi’s face and you’ve never heard these contouring secrets before — they are amazing. Jill shared with us all of the secrets on how she gave Demi this stunning look and you can try them out at home!



1. Contour

“I contour each person based on their needs and face shape… for Demi I use 2 different shades to contour her cheeks. I use a warm golden tone first with an angled blush brush to start sculpting her cheekbones. Then I use a darker more neutral tone along the bottom edge of her cheekbone to make it more defined. I also use the warm golden tone to contour along the outer edges of her forehead and temples. I like to sweep Bronzer from the outer Brow to the hairline (up and outward) to help contrast against Highlighter, which I apply on the high planes of the face and tops of the cheekbones. I also highlight the Cupid’s bow and down the center of the nose. My new favorite is using the same Highlighter on the cheeks and inner corner of the eyes.”

2. Lashes

“For false lashes, I always cut them up in smaller pieces. I usually cut a strip lash into 5 equal sections. I use tweezers to apply them to the edge of the lashline because it helps me be more specific with the placement. Because they are in smaller sections, the lashes are more comfortable to wear and look more natural than a full strip. Plus they are easier to apply than individual lashes but are just as comfortable.”

3. Brows

“For perfectly shaped brows, you should god a pencil vertically along the outer edge of your nose. This is where the Brow should start in the center. Rotate the top of the pencil to the outer corner of your eye, keeping the bottom next to your nose. The top of the pencil will show you where your Brow should end. Your brow should arch above the outside of your iris, and you can use the pencil again holding it vertically to ensure your arch is in the right place.”


You’ve Never Heard These Contouring Secrets: Tips From Demi Lovato’s Makeup Artist


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