4 hot glitter makeup trends you can rock!

Glitter makeup is not just a runway trend, you can wear glitter makeup even IRL! Yes, glitter makeup is here to stay and the vibrant glitter makeup for the face and body can instantly infuse some sparkle to your regular look. So go ahead and add sparkle and style to your makeup, day or night. Using glitter makeup will not only make you stand out but it also is truly the most long-wearing makeup. Here are different glitter makeup products that you can grab to elevate your look.


Glitter lipstick


Make your pout shine just a tad bit more by using glitter lipsticks. The concentrated sparkle infused lipsticks are your go-to glam tool to add a little bit of edge to your look. NYX is one of the most common budget beauty lipstick that have a range of glitter lipsticks to try! So go beyond the matte and glossy finish and try the glitter lipstick! 


Glitter highlighter was one of the most popular Coachella trend, you too can try it! It can totally flatter your face. All it takes is just a dab of glitter highlighter to make your cheekbones pop and accentuate your look. Glitter highlighter can add a beautiful glow to your face and also highlight the high points of your face. Glitter highlighter comes in different forms liquid and loose powder, NYX and Bobbi Brown has some very flattering shades of glitter highlighters.


Glitter eyeshadow


Compared to other glitter makeup products, glitter eyeshadows are commonly used eye makeup products. If you love to flaunt metallic eye makeup, you can always go beyond the regular metallic shades and try shimmery eyeshadows. The highly pigmented shimmery eyeshadows will liven up your look. Bobbi Brown’s glitter eyeshadow palette is one of the most popular glitter eyeshadows that you can try for a perfectly long-lasting eye makeup with a hint of sparkle. 



Glitter nail polish


If you do not want to go overboard with glitter and want to stick to something basic, then you can always embrace the glitter trend by opting for a bright glitter nail color. Glitter nail polish are safe bet for those who want to use glitter products but also want to play it safe. You can find all shades of glitter nail paints under the sun with a tinge of shimmery particles to paint your nails. L’Oreal and Maybelline have a wide range of glitter nail paints to choose from.




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