Ladies, Listen Up! Excessive Eye Makeup May Trigger Vision Problems, Opt for Natural Ingredients to Remove Makeup

There is no denying that women love their makeup. Time and again, dermatologists have emphasized the ill-effects of excessive use of makeup. Skin care experts stress on maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, and often encourage the use of natural ingredients to tap the natural beauty hidden within. If you are a fan of smoky eyes, or if you wear your kohl extra thick, this piece of news is a must read for you. Experts suggest that excessive use of eye makeup may adversely affect eye health, triggering a host of complications and even vision problems.

Excessive eye makeup may often make eyes to dry up; the condition is medically known as Meibomian gland dysfunction. “The changing trend of makeups causing MGD is dangerous. Eyeliner and other makeup usually clog the meibomian glands leading to formation of painless lumps in the eyelids hence obstructing the vision,” said Mahipal Sachdev, Director, Centre for Sight, a chain of eye centres in North India.


Parul Sony, senior consultant and director at Gurgram’s Complete Eye Care notes that close to “40% of women with high usage of eye makeup products tend to get affected with oil gland blockages”. The agents and chemicals used in these products, to give them their waterproof quality, clog the oil glands and trigger conditions like MGD, chalazion, dry eye syndrome, blepharitis among other eye complications.

While experts suggests minimizing the use of cosmetics and proper removal of makeup, we share with you some natural ways to look beautiful and everyday ingredients that can help remove makeup.

Almond Oil

This wonder oil can help you skip the mascara altogether. Apply it on your lashes before turning in to achieve, thicker, longer, darker and more curled lashes.


Cucumber is one such ingredient that has been used in beauty products with much enthusiasm. Take a cucumber and blend it properly in a mixer till it becomes pasty, mix few drops of olive or coconut oil and use a cleanser. It will work perfectly to soothe your skin after you have removed your makeup.


“Milk is excellent for removing tough makeup. Apply it all over your face and then wipe it off with a wash cloth or a cotton ball,” shared Dr. Indu Ballani, a Delhi-based dermatologist.

Get in touch with your ophthalmologist to learn the basics and the essentials of eye-care.



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