This YouTuber tries the darkest shades in makeup for an important reason

Nyma, who proudly reps her South Sudanese roots, started making her videos as a way to combat colorism in the beauty industry — which often TOTALLY ignores dark-skinned women.

nyma tang blogger
photo: @nymatang


“When I was 21, I started experimenting with makeup,” says Tang. “At that time, I’d go on YouTube to try to figure out what to do with my skin. I’d look for people with dark skin, and I’d find people a good five, six, seven, eight shades lighter than me saying ‘dark skin.’ It made me feel like crap. It made me feel like I was not included in makeup. I shouldn’t be wearing makeup. You need to leave, this is not for your skin tone.”

So she started experimenting with makeup, and eventually started her channel to be an example for other dark-skinned girls. “Instead of looking for ‘dark skin,’ I’M going to be the person that people search for! When you see someone who looks like you doing something, it lights this fire in you. You feel like you can do it yourself. I wanted to be that person who is an example.”


Nyma has a seriously amazing series on YouTube called “The Darkest Shade,” where she tests out and reviews the darkest shade of makeup that a brand or line carries.

Her goals with these reviews are twofold: She provides other dark-complected women with accurate, unbiased information about complexion products that will (or won’t) work for them AND she shows the makeup industry — and the world! — WHY it’s so important to have a wide, inclusive range of shades.

“I hope that companies notice that when you release products like this, you have to include everybody,” she said.


2 thoughts on “This YouTuber tries the darkest shades in makeup for an important reason”

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