Top 6 Makeup Tips for Girls Who Wear Glasses

Have you always struggled with eye makeup, just because you wear glasses? Well you need not fret anymore. You can still apply makeup that compliments your eyes even when you are wearing glasses. You do not have to skip the eye makeup because you feel that your eyes get lost behind the thick frame and the lens. With just a few changes you can enhance your look. Here are some quick makeup hacks for girls who wear glasses which will help discover a whole new dimension. 

Groom your eyebrows


Always keep your eyebrows trimmed and well-groomed. Your brows can make or break your look. If you wear thinner frames you can have your brows trimmed a bit thinner with an arch and if you wear dark and thick frames, keep your brows thick with an arch. Fill up the gaps if there are any using brow pencil.

Change the way you apply eyeliner


If you want your eyes to stand out, you will have to start changing the way you apply eyeliner. If you wear thick frames, apply slightly thicker liner but if you wear thin frames of a frame-less glass, apply thinner liner. And while applying, apply the liner only on the upper lids and follow it up with a white or nude shade liner on the waterline to open up your eyes. 


Enhance your eye makeup


While selecting the eyeshadow you have to pick what looks best on your eyes and suits your frames. According to your skin type choose between cream-based one or powder-based eyeshadow. Stick to neutral tones such as a rose gold, so that it does not look too heavy behind the glasses. If you like shimmer shadow, you can also use it all over the lid, it would look flattering even with the glasses on. Also, use a  good eye makeup primer before applying the eyeshadow so that your eye makeup does not crease and last longer. 

Add a dash of mascara


Using just a little bit of mascara can definitely make your eyes look bigger. But also avoid using too much mascara and remove if there are any clumps. You do not want to  end up with clumpy and spidery lashes. You can also apply clear or transparent mascara if you want something more subtle. 

Use matte foundation and blush


You have to focus on not just your eye makeup, but also selecting the perfect base of the makeup is important. Use matte foundation and blush if you have oily skin, otherwise you will be busy throughout the day adjusting the glasses which keeps sliding down your nose. Also use a light dusting powder over your foundation to set the base and to prevent the glasses from slipping.

Go with subtle lip color


So, naturally if you are focusing on your eye makeup, you need to go subtle with the lip color. You should either focus on the eyes, or the lips, and never on both. So now that you have chosen to go bold with the eye makeup, choose nude color for your lips. Opt for glossy or matte finish as per your liking.



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