4 Minimally Chic Eco Makeup Palettes (Plus How to Make Your Own)

If there’s one piece of a makeup kit we can’t seem to stop pining over right now, it’s the makeup palette; eco beauties included.

Although they were initially created to minimize a makeup aficionado’s collection, it seems the cosmetics world has gone out of control with its obsession for bigger and more complicated palettes that you have to be an expert to use.

It’s time to go back to basics and rediscover what the makeup palette is all about. Discover theses eco and natural gems that are simple, edited, and compact enough to become your new makeup wardrobe on the go. And if they’re not for you? Learn how to create your own!

4 Ready-To-Go Natural Makeup Palettes

eco makeup

1. RMS Beauty Signature Sets

While most palettes specialize in one thing like eyes or lips, RMS now have the answer to creating an entire look, with the exception of cover up and mascara. Both versions available, Mod and Pop, have four shades available that will add color and highlight everything from your lash line to your cheekbones. The added beauty is that RMS is famous for its versatile cream formulas, so neutral shades like Lip2Cheek in Spell in the Mod palette can be used all over to create a simple monochromatic look, while the Buriti Bronzer in the Pop palette can double up as an eyeshadow!
eco makeup

2. Vapour Organic Beauty Artist Eye Palette

Eyeshadow palette with ten plus shades have that instant wow factor, but when it comes down to using it, you only really end up sticking to a few key shades. Here, Vapour has used its eco makeup expertise to curate four collections, taking the guess work out of choosing which shades are the perfect team to create a fresh, but pulled-together look. Murmur and Mediterranean are instant classics; the first combining warm and lively neutrals, whilst the latter dips into glamourous plums without going too purple.


3. Vapour Organic Beauty Artist Multi-Use Palette

Vapour didn’t stop at eye makeup! If you’re already a fan of the Aura Multi-Use Sticks, be prepared to fall for this easy compact version featuring this cult multitasking product. Not only are the buttery, natural textures effortless to apply on the go, but they’re light and buildable making them ideal for a minimal summer makeup look. You’ll also find the much loved Siren Lipstick in the Afterglow and Flame collections, plus Velvet Gloss which is exclusive to the palettes, allowing you to go from day to night with ease (and without a huge makeup bag in tow!).

eco makeup


4. 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mermaid Palette

For those who prefer powder over cream (or just want a totally vegan makeup palette!), 100% Pure has the answer. A combination of blushes and eyeshadows, this won’t take care of your entire look, but it gives you the option to stay simple or build up transform your existing face for the day without taking up hoards of space in your makeup bag. The Mermaid collection is perfect for switching things up from your standard neutral palette and adding a flash of summery color.

Or, Make Your Own DIY Eco Makeup Palette!

The perfect makeup palette is like a capsule wardrobe; streamlined, curated and minimal. It should have your go-to neutrals, plus a few fun options to create a more bold, statement look. If you’re committed to cutting down your makeup bag and want to stick to a seasonal color selection, then creating your own eco makeup palette is the only option. Luckily, it’s not as tough as it sounds!

Thanks to the eco-conscious tendencies of the natural and organic makeup world, there are plenty of brands now making refillable compacts, which means they also sell makeup in basic pans with minimal packaging.


Kjaer Weis is a prime example. Not only can you get your hands on its luxury eco formulas at a fraction of the price, but the vast array of shades makes building your own palette a fun project, making you consider which colors you will really get the most use out of. Zao Makeup is yet another that offers refills of both powder and cream based formulas, with the added bonus of being vegan.

eco makeup


All you need besides the makeup is a magnetic palette. While there are a few options out there, Z-Palette is arguably one of the best thanks to the large range of sizes and designs available. The Dome Palette is a great choice if you want something that’ll easily slip into your bag and just want a modest collection of options to choose from. Who said DIY had to be a challenge?




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