This Too Faced Lip Gloss Is Like Injections, but Better

We’re big fans of lip gloss around here, but let’s be real: If you’ve tried one, you’ve tried them all.

That is exactly what we thought until we tried Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss. As you might expect, the name immediately caught our attention. Call it the Kardashian effect, but who doesn’t want plumper lips (you know, without the needle)? 
Well, we are happy to report this one delivers better than any others we’ve tried (and we’ve tested tons).

Babe Alert (a sheer sweet peachy color) was the specific shade we chose and trust: Plumped up results ensued immediately.



For starters, the tingling sensation is real. If your lips are extra sensitive you might say it feels like a bunch of itty bitty needles spearing your lips, but it’s a manageable pain. Pro tip: Only get the gloss where you want it to plump (a.k.a. just on your lips). The texture is thick and glossy, but some way, somehow is not annoyingly sticky. It also lasts. Let’s just say we didn’t have to reapply for a few hours, which we will call a win. 


The other surprising bonus was how well this gloss hydrated. If you’re seriously stricken with flaky summer lips, using this will fix all that. It’s made with botanicals like jojoba and avocado oil, so we can only assume that’s the magic behind it. 

And don’t think the light peach shade is your only option. It comes in a bevy of other tinted sheers like nude, pale pink and watermelon pink—to name a few. And yes, every shade looks good on every skin tone. 



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