7 Makeup Brush Sets Worth Every Penny

Makeup is arguably one of the best inventions ever, but it’s virtually useless unless you have the right tools to apply it.

If you’ve ever bought makeup brushes before, you know what we’re talking about here. A cheaply-made brush that falls apart as you’re applying your makeup on is not good news. The quality of the bristles also makes a difference when it comes to coverage. Remember: You’re going for blended, not cake-y.

And it doesn’t matter how low maintenance your beauty routine is, you’re going to need more than one brush to finish your look. That’s why brush sets are the best.

With sets, you see, the pros have already curated a collection of all the ones you’ll need, so it takes the guess work out of it. Besides, when bought in multiples, it’s usually cheaper than if you bought each on its own. 

Shop our favorites below!

Branded: Makeup Brush Sets

Yes, a high-quality and affordable brush set does exist. This kit (valued at $70) includes a whopping 19 vegan-friendly brushes that will help you achieve any and every beauty look you could ever imagine. 

E.L.F. Cosmetics 19 Piece Brush Collection, $50

Branded: Makeup Brush Sets

If cost is a non-issue and professional results are your aim, these brushes are the way. Each one has a custom metal-handle and velvet-like tips made of engineered CosmeFibre, which delivers the smoothest coverage possible.

Artis Brush Elite Mirror 10 Brush Set, $360

Branded: Makeup Brush Sets

OK, so this isn’t a brush set, per se, but if you’re familiar with Beautyblender, you know why it’s in here. Even better: This pro kit comes with three different sized sponges, the blotterazzi pro and also includes the brand’s custom cleanser. Winning! 

Beautyblender Pro On the Go Kit, $40




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