4 Things Every Brunette Should Know About Dyeing Her Hair

Feeling a bit bored with your brunette locks? There are endless options for switching things up—from subtle highlights to going full-on blonde. But before you book an appointment, here are some things to consider.

It might take longer than you expect. Depending on how light you want to go, it can take several hours to, first, bleach your hair and, then, tone it to your desired shade. Consult with your colorist for a time estimate and bring snacks to tide you over just in case it takes even longer. 

It can cost more than you thought. Again, this all depends on what you’re getting done. But in general, when going from dark to light, expect to pay extra as this is considered to be a “double-process”—even if you’re just getting highlights and not bleaching your entire head.

It will change the texture of your hair. Whether you’re getting a “single-process” color (which for brunettes usually means going darker) or a “double-process” platinum, expect some dryness. If you have naturally fine hair that tends to go limp, this can sometimes be a good thing as it adds texture and volume. If you have naturally dry or curly hair, you might want to consider a gloss instead, which will temporarily boost your color and, as the name implies, give you shinier results.

It will get brassy over time. A quick primer on color theory: When you lighten dark hair it has to pass through several stages (from brown to red to orange and finally pale yellow) before it gets toned (which is what neutralizes any of those unwanted warm tones). With time, the toner will fade and whatever color your hair was lifted to will show through. The good news is that you can buy more time by washing your hair less often and using a purple shampoo once a week.




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