7 Ways to Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles in 7 Days

We don’t know if “eyes are the windows to the soul,” but those bags beneath ours definitely reveal something—like whether or not we had a rough night or if our allergies are acting up again. Whatever the cause, we have some quick solutions for clearing up under-eye circles by the end of the week. 



Swap Coffee with Green Tea

Especially if you drink multiple cups a day. The number-one remedy for sallow eyes is a good night’s sleep. Green tea will give you a steady, even boost of caffeine that won’t interfere with your bedtime later on. Plus, it’s packed with potent antioxidants that protect against premature aging.


Add Some Greens to Your Dinner Plate
Veggies that are rich in iron (like spinach and broccoli) are especially effective at treating dark circles because they promote better circulation. Science lesson: That purple cast you see underneath your eyes is actually just blood vessels sitting below the skin. Since the skin in this area is thinner, they’re more visible than in other parts of your body. The more the blood is kept moving, the less pronounced the shadows will be.

Download a Water Intake App
Under-eye bags are caused by the retention of water. So counterintuitive as it may sound, you need to drink more water to flush out any excess that your body is holding onto. Not sure how much you need to drink? An app like Waterlogged does the calculating for you and helps you track your daily intake.


Sleep on Your Back

And add an extra pillow behind your neck for support while you’re at it. You want your head to be slightly elevated throughout the night so that any fluids won’t accumulate under your eyes (and in the rest of your face). Bonus: It also prevents wrinkles over time since you won’t be smushing your face against a pillow anymore.

Make Yourself a Parsley Mask
The leafy green is packed with vitamins C and K—both of which brighten and tighten skin right away. All you need is some parsley, hot water and cotton pads to get started.



Wear Sunscreen Around Your Eyes
You already know about night eye creams. But during the day, you also want to protect that extra-thin skin, which is especially prone to pigmentation and sun damage. Opt for an eye cream that has SPF in the formula—or swipe a sunscreen stick around your eyes instead. The waxy formula will stay on the surrounding skin, instead of getting into your eyes. 

Use a Cold Compress
Need the quickest of fixes? Reach for something cool—be it a compress, an ice pack, chilled spoons, cucumbers or…potatoes (really). It’s less about what you’re using and more about how cold it is, because that’s what brings down puffiness quickly.




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