Top 10 Make Up Brands In India

Skin is a very sensitive organ, irrespective of whether it is the face or any other part of the body and facial skin is even more sensitive and is more prone to rashes and skin reactions since its kept open all the time.

To take care of the skin and to cover up those imperfections of the facial skin, a lot of women rely on cosmetics. This makes it very important for them to choose the right kind of product and the right brand for the product which will not irritate their sensitive skin.


Best Makeup Brands in India

We have surveyed and found out the top 10 most favourite and trusted cosmetics brands among Indian woman. Take a look at your beloved makeup brands and see if you have not yet given some a try. #1 is a sure shot winner.

10. M.A.C.

This is undoubtedly the most famous luxury international cosmetic brand now widely marketed and loved in India as well. This is especially loved by most backstage makeup artists since its quality and stay on power is the maximum in most cases. It offers a wide range of face products with lasting coverage. Its brushes are also a hot favorite among celebrity makeup artists.

9. Chambor:

Chambor products have been marketed in India now for quite some time. Its growing popularity as an international brand is to be reckoned with. Its face products are a huge craze among makeup lovers. Its nail paints are also lovely though slightly on the expensive side.


8. Elle 18:


This brand has always targeted the youth. This lively brand has always come up with something innovative to suit the likeness and style of the young school and college girls. It recently launched Color bomb products that have a wide range of lip colors too. These are affordable as well as come with a unique center moisturizing stick of cocoa butter.

7. AVON:


This brand has emerged in India and is very well known for direct marketing. This has not only provided many women with employment and part time income but has also paved the way for the introduction of a huge variety of cosmetics and skin products which are easily available sitting at home via the hands of the direct selling agents. We also get to lay our hands on the international branded perfumes via its hand like Little Black Dress, Surreal Garden Eau De Toilette, etc. Its instant fairness, anti marks cream and other products of the Skin Natural’s Range are a hot favourite among housewives. Teens love their simply pretty range of awesome nail colours.

6. Color Bar:


An easy choice among all the small makeup artists since it offers a huge range of great coverage and long staying foundations and a great range of lip colors. It’s a hot favorite among woman of all ages who prefer lasting formulation for skin cosmetics or like mixing choices of foundations for achieving a desired tone of color.





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