How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes With Drugstore Products

Happy Drugstore Beauty Week! In honor of the occasion, we’ve solved a very common problem with less than $5.

The problem: dirty makeup brushes. Be honest, how often do you clean your tools? Between the time it takes to wash and dry makeup brushes (at least half a day), most of us try to go as long as possible without having to clean them. But, did you know that dirty makeup brushes can lead to staph infections, clogged pores, pre-mature aging and even bugs? If that’s not a wake-up call, we’re not sure what is. 

Lucky for us, celebrity makeup artist to Gwen Stefaniand Angelina Jolie, Gregory Arlt, weighed in on how to keep your brushes clean: “I actually like Bounty, or those paper towel that are a little bit textured because it really helps to get the hair up, the dirt off and the makeup, kind of work it back and forth every single day,” he suggested for daily care to E! News. “About once a week, I recommend shampooing your brushes. A lot of people are like, ‘Can I throw them in the dishwasher?’ I’m like, ‘If you never want to see them again.'”

Fortunately, there is an easy way to shampoo your tools, and it doesn’t include a dishwasher. 

Ready to wash your fears of dirty brushes away? Grab some baby shampoo and read our tutorial below! 

ESC: E!ssentials

To keep bacteria from building in your makeup brushes, beauty pros recommend washing your tools at least once a week.

Urban Decay Jean-Michel Basquiat Eyeshadow Palette, $38

ESC: E!ssentials

There are plenty of makeup brush cleaners on the market (Try: Clinique Makeup Brush Cleaner), but you may have a great solution already in your bathroom. Baby shampoo will cleanse your tool of makeup without damaging the bristles. Place a pea-sized amount onto the brush.

Johnson’s Baby No-More-Tears Shampoo, $3.92

ESC: E!ssentials

Put the makeup brush with baby shampoo into shallow water. Ideally, you want to avoid getting water in the base of the brush. Pro tip: Using a small bowl or mason jar will help to save water and keep you from having to clean your skin after.



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