Rihanna’s Millennial Pink Makeup Will Be Your New Summer Style Inspiration

Rihanna matched her makeup to her two-piece Prada outfit at the Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets premiere in Paris on Tuesday, July 25. The result? A Millennial pink dream!

Seems the Barbados native, 29, is one of the many fans of the sweet hue popular with the 20s and 30s set. What we love is that by choosing makeup shades, which she tagged to her Fenty Beauty line on Instagram, in the same color family but taking them warmer and richer, she brought a whole new way to go for the “It” color.


It’s not the only time Rihanna has worn pink while promoting the flick. The singer also went for a cotton-candy frock for the Los Angeles premiere on July 17. 

And it’s also not the first surprise that’s come from this movie’s red carpets. Co-star Cara Delevingne shocked us with clip-in bangs earlier this week at the London premiere. This movie is the gift that keeps on giving in the makeup and fashion inspiration departments!


As for her role in the film, Rihanna plays Bubble, a shape-shifting alien. Valerian producer Virginie Besson-Silla told Vanity Fair about the part earlier this month, saying “[Director Luc Besson] had this idea that this one character can change into every man’s fantasy — the cabaret performer, the Marilyn Monroe-type performer, the African tribeswoman — but in a way that also appealed to women. She is sexy and cute, but the sexiness is never negative.”




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