Bella Hadid Just Took a Glorious No-Makeup Selfie in Greece

Bella Hadid, she of the glorious skin, showed it off in all its (slightly pink) glory with a no-makeup selfie on Instagram Saturday. Although she’s apparently in Greece right now—yes, we’re jealous—she looks not the least bit jet-lagged. Instead, she’s bare-faced, wearing a romantic white top that’s perfect for a Greek trip, and looking like she is living her best life.

We thought any lack of undereye circles was thanks to the post-flight routine she shared last year: concealer everywhere plus Beautyblender, followed by contour, highlighter, brows, and mascara, then topped off with some shimmery gold eyeshadow to wake up those eyes.


But her skin’s always looked great—and surely even more so now that she’s quit smoking, as she revealed last week. And we all know that’s not great for your skin.

Or, it could be that what we’re seeing here is au naturel straight-up jubilation, given her caption:

“Burnt in Greece dancing on film




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