Victoria Beckham hopes her new makeup range with Estee Lauder will ’empower women’

The pop star turned fashion mogul is set to release her second beauty collaboration with Estee Lauder in September after the success of her debut range which came out last year.

The mum-of-four who is patiently anticipating the release next month revealed that she wanted to create makeup that wasn’t typical, after walking through a duty-free one day and seeing that ‘everything looks the same.’


She told Stella magazine: ‘For me it’s not about copying what everyone else is doing, it’s about creating make-up that women feel proud to own. Ultimately it’s about empowering women.’

Taking to Instagram, Victoria shared a series of pictures from the new line which include a creme blush, skin perfecting powder, a new shimmering lipgloss and her favourite nude shade named after her that now comes in a modern matte lipstick. Everything comes wrapped up in a glam gold-designed packaging.


The 43-year-old also revealed that she tests all her makeup on herself and uses pictures of herself wearing the products before giving them the greenlight, while also getting some advice from her husband David.

She said: ‘I like to wear-test everything. Last night, I went home and was talking to David and he said, “You’ve got a lot of make-up on.” I test everything and keep removing, reapplying and layering it.’

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