This ‘American Horror Story’ FX Makeup Look Is Perfect For Halloween

The promotional poster for Season 7 of the cult classic series American Horror Story is beautifully creepy, thanks to the contrast of the character’s crimson red lips to her frosty blue skin. Now makeup artist Kerry Herta is exclusively revealing all of the products that she used to create this look, which is equal parts chilling and stunning.

With Halloween on the horizon, you can — and should — take inspo from this FX look. Replicating that blue-tinted skin may seem like a daunting task  — that’s because it is. However, Herta shared all of the techniques and tools she utilized for this look. It’s a lot of complex steps, so if you are a novice makeupista, this may be a bit too ambitious for you. But if you are a more experienced makeup artisan with an adventurous streak, you can totally attempt to recreate this visual masterpiece. Or, at the very least, you can put your own spin on it.

“As has become tradition with every promotional campaign for American Horror Story, we sought looks that combine ethereal beauty with something shocking,” Herta told Bustle via email. “Like the show itself, the images we created were intended to be both artistic and unsettling to the point where the audience simply couldn’t look away. “

Mission accomplished. Proceed to stare at the image below.




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