Tokyo women are fastest at applying makeup in Asia

When it comes to makeup, the women of Tokyo are all about efficiency. They use the second-highest number of cosmetics but spend the least amount of time applying them, according to a survey covering six Asian cities and New York.

The Kanebo Cosmetics survey was conducted in October 2016 and covered 1,219 women, ranging in age from 18 to 34, living in Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Seoul, Bangkok and New York.

It found that women in Tokyo spent an average of 14.5 minutes for a single application of makeup. Women in Seoul were the most painstaking with their cosmetics, spending an average of 21.6 minutes in front of the mirror.

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The survey also found Tokyo respondents use 10 cosmetic products, on average, the second-most after Seoul, where women use an average of 10.6 products. Respondents in Shanghai and Taipei use relatively few beauty aids, averaging 5.8 and 5.9, respectively.

The share of respondents who said they enjoy or somewhat enjoy putting on makeup for work was lowest for Tokyo respondents, at 39.9%. The figure was the highest for Beijing women, at 77.4%.

“The survey indicated that Tokyo women may be using cosmetics as a tool to ensure smooth personal relationships in the workplace,” Kanebo said.

Among women in Tokyo, the largest share said they apply make up to give their faces a “sophisticated” look. In Beijing and Shanghai, “elegance” was key, while women in Taipei and Bangkok prefer an “intelligent” look, the survey found.

The results will be used for product development and education of salespeople overseas, Kanebo said.

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