7-Eleven has a new makeup line — and everything is under $5

When most people think of 7-Eleven, they think of Slurpees and cheap snacks. It’s not necessarily the first place you would think of to go for makeup, but its new line of beauty products might change that.

Simply Me Beauty is the convenience store chain’s new line of budget-friendly makeup that they’re hoping will meet the needs of cost-conscious millennials. The line features a surprisingly wide variety of options — and it’s all under $5.

For the eyes you’ll find eyeshadows, mascara, and faux lashes.

Simply Me Beauty eye products.

The new line features affordable concealers, brow powders, and blush.

Simply Me Beauty face products.

BB Cream and makeup removing wipes are also available.

More face products.

There are lip crayons and lipsticks in a variety of colors and surprisingly sleek packaging.

Simply Me Beauty lip products.

Simply Me Beauty has already started rolling out to 7-Eleven stores and should be available everywhere soon for all the beauty lovers on a budget.




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