Urban Decay Launches New Skin-Care Product Called Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil

Stop what you’re doing, because nothing — I repeat: nothing — could possibly trump the fact that Urban Decay just launched a facial oil that’s here to curb all of our dreaded “cake-face” moments this winter season.


Introducing the brand’s new Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil ($34), which as you might gather from its name, can be added to any of your base products to ensure a smooth, luminous, and best of all, flake-free finish. (That’s right, something tells me dry patches don’t stand a chance when using this guy.)

If this release is any indication, Urban Decay might be dipping its toes into the world of skin-care even more than it already has; the brand renowned for its Naked palettes and next-level highlighters also has a primer, a line of prep sprays, as well as another unicorn-esque mixing medium that imparts ample glow to any complexion product.

While we’ve yet to try the oil out IRL yet, you can best believe we’ll be getting our hands on it for an official test-drive, stat. I’m personally partial to anyproducts that make my skin look dewy and angelic, so I know this one will be up my alley. That said, there’s still many questions to consider: Will it work on every skin type? Will it feel viscous or super-light? And can you use it on its own?




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