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Vampyre: New Moon Now Available on Amazon

Apart from the realm of humans and far from the light of day, a complex structure hides from many eyes. Here Val, a vampyre that follows the path of the Vigilante draws blood in search of justice and a path that she can call her own. She is joined by her lover Henrik, a vampyre from another path and together they are drawn into a world of intrigue that threatens to tear the world they know apart.

Soon the pair finds themselves part of a conflict older than them both, forced to seek allies in people that seem should be mortal enemies. In a world with so many different monstrous individuals it seems that only unity and the strength of overcoming differences can prevail.

A hidden organization has shown itself, one that seems to have been pulling the strings for longer than anyone truly knows. This order seeks a war to keep the factions separate in order to find an evil power that threatens to destroy everything.

Can Val and her uneasy companions find the answers they seek in time to prevent a war and the end of everything, in both the darkness and the light?

Fitness model flaunts abs at six months pregnant, sparks controversy

Her incredibly toned belly would be the envy of most women, but at 6-months pregnant, the barely-there bump of a fitness and lingerie model is instead drawing criticism and concern.

Now Sarah Stage, who drew similar reproach during her first pregnancy, is fighting back.

“I’m at a place in my life where happiness, peace and joy are my priority,” she wrote Wednesday in an Instagram post featuring her at the beach wearing a crop top and bikini bottom that showed off her taut abs.

“Especially being #6monthspregnant, there’s no room for any negativity so please take it elsewhere. Baby #2 is healthy and measuring just fine,” she wrote.


Stage also noted that since her first child was born healthy and weighed nearly 9 pounds, she thought “people would be more understanding during this pregnancy and keep their ignorant comments to themselves.”

This is the most recent occasion Stage has answered her critics. Two weeks ago, after posting a video of herself working out, she responded to online comments that called her “obsessed” with her body and urged her to “take it easy” because of her condition.

“Baby is perfectly fine in my tummy nice and safe while I work out. My doctor has given me the OK to continue exercising while pregnant but if you’re expecting please check with your dr. first since everyone is different!” she wrote.

Stage experienced a similar backlash in 2015, when she was carrying her son and posted photos of herself during the final months of her pregnancy looking slimmer than many women on a good day.

Other pregnant fitness fanatics have also felt the burn of critics after showing off their toned bodies. Last year, Australian blogger and midwife Hannah Polites was accused of “killing your baby” for exercising too much while pregnant.