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Charlotte Cho

Charlotte Cho is a South Korean-American esthetician, author and entrepreneur. She is best known as the cofounder of Soko Glam, a company that specializes in Korean beauty products. She is considered a major contributor to the current K-Beauty emergence in the U.S. 

Charlotte Cho was born in California. In 2008 she travelled to South Korea to assist Samsung in their marketing and communications department. During this time she met and married US Army Captain David K. Cho, and they both began curating Korean skincare and makeup products to the U.S. market. In 2012 they founded Soko Glam. The company is currently considered one of the most prominent firms specializing in K-Beauty products and treatments in the U.S.


Charlotte Cho regularly publishes her experiences and research about Korean beauty products, practices, and trends via various News Media and Soko Glam’s website. In 2015, she authored a book on Skin Care titled “The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin” (2015).

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Miranda Kerr Speaks Candidly About Marriage, Motherhood, and the Impressive Cosmetics Brand She’s Built

Miranda Kerr has it all–a prolific modeling career, killer body, gorgeous dimples, high-profile new husband, super-cute son, close family and if all that wasn’t enough, she’s been quietly building a cult cosmetics business for the past five years. This month, Kerr expanded her Cosmos-certified KORA Organics face and body line (available at Sephora) with 15 new products, including the Noni Glow Collection, whose hero ingredient is noni fruit extract from the morinda tree. Introduced to the nourishing powers of Noni juice by her grandmother when she was 13, Kerr has been consuming it ever since. Now we can, too, in the form of antioxidant-packed Noni Glow Skinfood powder supplement sachets that you mix with water or a smoothie. I don’t know if noni is the cure-all Kerr says it is, but one thing is for sure–if it makes me glow just a fraction as much as the Australian stunner, well, let’s just say, I’ll have what she’s having!


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Oh, I had an omelet. It was really delicious, with avocado and some toast on the side. But I usually like to start my day with fresh, hot water.

With lemon, or without?

I went through a stage of having lemon, and then I went through a stage of having apple cider vinegar with my hot water, and now I’m just having hot water. It’s really good.

You’ve been making your Kora organic beauty products for a while. What inspired you to start the line?

I mean, I’m very passionate about it. Health is wealth, and because our skin is the largest organ in our body it’s important to use organic products on it. And there’s a difference between having an organic product, and having a certified organic product. I wasn’t able to find any skincare products on the market that were certified organic, and that really made a difference to my skin. My skin is important for my job, but everyone wants to have beautiful skin. I really feel that healthy skin is the most beautiful skin.

And so I worked for many years, trying various formulations with an organic chemist in Australia. We wanted to make sure that the products were as effective as they could be. Not only did we want these products to fill your skin with nutrients, but we wanted them to also be super effective. I’m really excited about our products because they work, and people are getting incredible results. And they’re good for you. So basically, they detoxify your skin and then put back the nutrients, because as I said before your skin is your largest organ, and what you put on it sinks into your bloodstream.

What are some key ingredients in Kora?

We focused on transformative ingredients such as Noni extract. Noni extract is in each and every one of our products. Noni is a super food (derived from the fruit of a tree in the coffee family) that’s full of antioxidants and contains over 100 vitamins and minerals. That is the key ingredient across our whole range, and then our products are also filtered through rose quartz to add that little bit of magic to your life, because rose quartz brings in that vibration of love, and so it really comes back to the whole mind, body, skin connection.

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I know this is a little bit too much detail, but I’ll just tell you anyway. On the back of each product there’s a little positive word, like bliss, or love, or joy. So that, coupled with the rose quartz, feeds your mind with positive affirmations and self love while you feed your skin the nutrients it needs to function at its best. We also launched a new supplement, Noni Glow Skinfood, which contains Noni, natural green tea and mangosteen, among other things. So you get your little daily dose of vitamins that feeds your skin from the inside, and you pamper your skin on the outside with products that help detoxify, nourish and revitalize. So that’s kind of our thing– mind, body, skin. It’s a holistic approach to skin care.

I love the fragrance. Is it the Noni fruit or something else?

It’s my Heart Chakra Aromatherapy Oil, a nurturing scent that my aromatherapist in Australia developed for me when I was going through a bit of a rough time in my life. I spoke to her about what was going on, and she sent me over a precious blend with super-powerful aromatherapy benefits. It contains things like ylang ylang, rose otto, sandalwood and cedarwood.

I felt it made a big difference to me, and helped me through that period in my life, and wanted to make it available to everyone. Rose otto helps open your heart. Sandalwood is very calming, ylang ylang is good for stress or anxiety, and cedar wood is very soothing, and assists in mental focus, and vitality. The formula is supercharged with rose quartz crystal, which as I mentioned earlier promotes self love and acceptance, for oneself and for others.

What is your favorite Kora product besides all of them?

Well, right now I’m pretty obsessed with the new Noni Glow Face and Body Balms that have just launched. They’re incredible to travel with, and they are super concentrated. When I’m traveling my skin gets a little dry. So I like to combine KORA hydrating moisturizer with a couple of drops of the Noni Glow Face Oil, and a bit of the face balm and use it on certain little dry spots. It’s such a powerful hydrating treatment. I also use the Noni Glow mixed with moisturizer as a base under makeup. I’m also excited about the skin food supplement, because everyone’s always asking me what vitamins I take. This comes in little individual sachets, so you can just shake one with water, or put it in your smoothie if you like, but I don’t. I always mix it with plain water.

Do you live a completely organic lifestyle?

Honestly it’s important for me to have a balance, and not be super strict with myself. We buy all of our fresh produce from local farmers’ markets, and we buy organic where possible, but obviously when you’re traveling it can be a little more challenging to do that. So I don’t believe in being super strict. I believe in being aware and conscious of what you’re doing. For example, I’m making a conscious choice when I put my body lotion and body oils all over. I’m making a conscious choice because I know we live in a world where we’re exposed to so many toxins and whatnot on a daily basis. We don’t live in a bubble. I try to eat organic, but then you know what, sometimes I don’t. I aim for 80 percent healthy and 20 percent indulgent and for me that balance works really well because you drive yourself mental otherwise.



This “Netflix For Makeup” Is Shaking Up The Beauty Industry

Makeup and skincare can become an addiction, and boy, is it an expensive one! From the process of production, packaging, shipping, and retailing at your local Sephora, beauty products can become incredibly marked up by the time it makes it to the consumer’s hands.

For a long time, it felt like we just had to accept the expensive nature of the beauty industry, but the disruptive company Beauty Pie is ready to shake things up with a daring business model that brings beauty products directly to consumers without the exorbitant prices. With a fixed monthly membership, Beauty Pie is able to offer its members incredibly low prices for top-line beauty products.

I interviewed Beauty Pie’s founder, Marcia Kilgore, to learn more about the company’s innovative model and how Beauty Pie is changing the beauty industry.

Marcia Kilgore, Beauty Pie Founder: The easiest way to describe Beauty Pie is to say that it’s like the Netflix of skincare and cosmetics. The beauty industry is broken. Hundreds of luxury brands use the same 10-20 elite labs/factories. Typical markups on luxury makeup and skincare products are 10x the ex-factory cost. And we think that’s crazy. So we decided to create a sort-of buyer’s club, where members could buy high-tech skincare and world-class cosmetics, before all the branding, for up to 90% less than what the same formulas typically cost at retail.

SB: Where are Beauty Pie products sourced from?

MK: So far: Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Germany, France, the USA and England. We source from the same suppliers as the world’s leading beauty brands.


SB: Makeup and skincare product prices are notoriously marked up. How does Beauty Pie keep costs so low for members?

MK: We’re a ‘sourcing as a service’ business. Membership fees pay our salaries and overheads, and we do the editing/sourcing/packaging/some formulating/color trending/and inventory management. Members end up spending (including their membership fees) about 20 cents on the dollar for their luxury beauty buys.

Beauty Pie Lipsticks

Beauty Pie

Lipstick shades from Beauty Pie

SB: What are the most popular makeup and skincare products on Beauty Pie?

MK: We’ve launched almost 200 new products this year alone, so the bestsellers change every week. Mascaras are incredibly popular (you need one a month, really, to get the best payoff), as is our COWBOY NUDE Futurelipstick and our Everyday Great Skin Foundation (Italian. Awesome.)

In skincare, it’s currently a tossup between the Super Healthy Skin Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream, our new Lumiboost Brightening Serum (a personal obsession) and the Plantastic MicroPeeling Super Drops.


The thing is, if we don’t absolutely love it, we don’t launch it.

SB: How is Beauty Pie disrupting the beauty industry?

MK: The beauty industry is one built on dreams: dreaming that you’re more beautiful, more thin, more something. And a big part of what you pay for is the promise. At Beauty Pie, we’re completely transparent about what you’re buying. We try thousands of formulations, makeup products/accessories every year. (There’s a big NPD team testing EVERYTHING.) And we launch ONLY what we really love. We don’t have to meet marketing deadlines or retailer margins or back into a cost of goods because we can’t pay for advertising. It’s THE BEST PRODUCT to our members at a totally transparent un-marked up cost. It’s a revolution, and it’s beautiful!