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Urban Decay Launches New Skin-Care Product Called Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil

Stop what you’re doing, because nothing — I repeat: nothing — could possibly trump the fact that Urban Decay just launched a facial oil that’s here to curb all of our dreaded “cake-face” moments this winter season.


Introducing the brand’s new Drop Shot Mix-In Facial Oil ($34), which as you might gather from its name, can be added to any of your base products to ensure a smooth, luminous, and best of all, flake-free finish. (That’s right, something tells me dry patches don’t stand a chance when using this guy.)

If this release is any indication, Urban Decay might be dipping its toes into the world of skin-care even more than it already has; the brand renowned for its Naked palettes and next-level highlighters also has a primer, a line of prep sprays, as well as another unicorn-esque mixing medium that imparts ample glow to any complexion product.

While we’ve yet to try the oil out IRL yet, you can best believe we’ll be getting our hands on it for an official test-drive, stat. I’m personally partial to anyproducts that make my skin look dewy and angelic, so I know this one will be up my alley. That said, there’s still many questions to consider: Will it work on every skin type? Will it feel viscous or super-light? And can you use it on its own?




One Of Urban Decay’s Naked Palettes Is 50% Right Now — & The Reason Will Shock You

We hate to be a rain cloud on a sunny summer day, but we have some bad news: Urban Decay is discontinuing one of its famous Naked palettes. For most fans of the brand, this might come as a surprise, since Urban Decay rarely ever halts the sale of any popular product — let alone one from the top-rated Naked collection. But the reaping is here, and it’s taking the Naked Smoky Palette with it.
Since the palette won’t be around for much longer, Urban Decay figured some fans might want one last chance to pick up the 12-pan beauty. Starting today, the Naked Smoky is 50% of on the brand’s site and Sephora — that’s just $27 instead of the regular $54.
After launching several years ago, the darkest of the Naked palettes has became a smoky eyes benchmark. Not only is it loaded with gray and black pigments — both in matte and shimmer finishes — but there are at least seven earthy hues that blend seamlessly over the lid and crease. Plenty of looks come and go, but it’s the smoky eye that sticks around no matter how many times you break it out for a Saturday night. So what’s the harm in owning another palette to get the job done?
There’s no word on the official exit date yet, but we’re assuming you’ll want to pick up a set before it’s but a distant memory. The bright side: At least there are five other palettes to choose from, and we’d guess that the brand has something very exciting planned to fill the shelf space. Perhaps a new smoky palette or a new addition to the Naked line? Only time will tell…

Urban Decay Teases Troublemaker Mascara

Normally, we’ll take our mascara without a side of trouble, but Urban Decay may have just changed our minds about that. The brand’s founder, Wendy Zomnir, recently posted a selfie to her Instagram that had us instantly intrigued. “Sneak peek from the beach! Troublemaker Mascara coming this Fall. Hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July. 🇺🇸XO, WZ #HereComesTrouble,” she captioned the pic.

In the picture, Wendy poses with a holographic, oil-slick tube of mascara — without a doubt, the prettiest mascara we’ve ever laid eyes on. While no further details were forthcoming, fans instantly took to the comments section to share their best guesses about the soon-to-launch formula. Some postulated that it was made for mermaids, while others wondered if it would be an update on one of the brand’s discontinued formulas. We personally noticed that Wendy’s lashes look especially amazing in the photo, so our best guess would be that we’re about to see a dramatic, volumizing mascara that’s totally waterproof (an opinion we formed based on the oceanic backdrop). Of course, by the time it launches this fall, we probably won’t be bringing it to the beach — but that mesmerizing tube will look right at home in any setting (Urban Decay, please consider launching an entire line of oil-slick packaging). Can’t wait to get our hands on this!




The Founder Of Urban Decay Just Dished Her All-Time Favorite Product

For the last two decades, Urban Decay has revolutionized the beauty industry. In 1996, when the brand first came to be, the market was over saturated with neutral makeup shades that, frankly, weren’t appealing to everyone’s taste. So co-founder Wende Zomnir swooped in to fill in the gap, creating a cosmetics range that brought tons of edge. Flash forward to today, and its products are some of the best-selling at Sephora and Ulta (Naked palette, anyone?) and satisfy just about every beauty need.
We had a chance to sit down with Zomnir to ask her some of the questions we’ve wondered for years. Ahead, she breaks down the toughest lessons in building a beauty brand, the best thing about the new Naked Heat palette, and the future of Urban Decay.
What’s the first UD product a beauty novice should try?
“A Naked palette. We found that people who come to [UD] though trying the Naked palette become our best customers, because they try it and love it and want to learn more about our brand. Pros use it, but it’s also very user-friendly — and it’s a great travel palette, too.”
If you had to play favorites, which product would be your #1?
“I get really excited about eye shadow palettes, and one of my favorites to work on was the one we did with Gwen Stefani. Even though the colors weren’t my personal [choice], I loved seeing her take things out of her shoe box and say, ‘I mixed this with this,’ and creating the perfect shades for her. She had a vision because she didn’t have the products she needed. It made me really happy to fill that hole for her and watch her bring her perfect palette to life.”
Do you have a favorite shade name?
“I like the one in the Naked Heat palette called ‘He Devil’ because it takes that sexist term and turns it on its head.”
Are there any products that never made it out of the think tank?
“There are so many. We over-create, but a lot of times there isn’t enough room on the shelves for products at the store. We are in Ulta and Sephora, mostly in the US, and there’s limited amount of space.”
If you could create your dream beauty product, what would it be?
“I would have a clip-on photo-shop filter that beams up, but you can’t tell is there — and it would move at 360 degrees, fixing everything!”
What kind of advice would you give to young women looking to make a career in beauty?
“I always say ‘When preparation and opportunity meet, it results in a phenomenon known as luck.’ It’s all about creating your own luck and preparing yourself in a variety of different ways. I worked at a big ad agency and had been doing a lot of journalism and writing, so when I pitched Urban [Decay] I was ready. Even if you’re not in the job that you want to be in, try to get as much training out of that job as you can and find as many ways to immerse yourself in it. When you’re ready to follow your passion, having a vision is the first step.”

Urban Decay’s Hot New Naked Palette Sold Out In 13 Hours

Yesterday, Urban Decay released its new Naked Heat Palette exclusively to UD Beauty Junkies — and the launch was so hot, it’s already sold out. In fact, it was only 13 hours (!) before every single one was gone. But don’t worry, you’ll have another chance to scoop it up in 18 days.
Starting June 30, the flamin’ hot palette will be available on the brand’s site. And — in the event it sells out, again — here’s plan C: Starting July 13, everyone will be able to shop the fiery product at both Sephora and Ulta Beauty. Is it just us, or are we getting déjà vu from when the OG Naked Palette dropped seven years ago?
This story was originally published on June 6, 2017.
Urban Decay’s Naked palettes will go down in history as some of the most popular beauty products of all time. For good reason, too: Each one of its neutral shades have proven to be more pigmented, more wearable than most eyeshadows on the market, consistently earning rave reviews from makeup enthusiasts everywhere. But the holy grail product is about to be upstaged by something way cooler — or, err, hotter — with its newest addition: the Naked Heat Palette.
Yes, another 12-pan Naked palette is on the way, and it is bringing along other amber-inspired (and, unfortunately, limited-edition) items that are equally fire for the ride. That means that after you’re doing using those warm, dreamy hues to create your perfect “sunset eye” look, you can then reach for a new set of Vice Lipsticks and 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils from the same color family.
Check out the entire collection ahead, which will be available exclusively for a limited pre-sale on the brand’s website starting June 12. If you’re not already an Urban Decay Beauty Junkie, you’ll have to wait to get lit until June 30.

Reddit Wants Urban Decay To Bring Back This Iconic Lip Gloss

Even though there’s been a resurgence of beauty trends from the ’90s and early 2000s, that doesn’t mean every brand we loved back then looks the same today. As times change, so do product formulations, and — most obviously — the packaging. But there’s one item Reddit users are especially nostalgic about as of late: Urban Decay’s Pocket Rocket.
Ring a bell? Similar to brands like The Balm, UD used some sexy packaging to sell its lip glosses. Nearly a decade ago, this Pocket Rocket collection was the shit. Sure, the gloss itself was hydrating and creamy, but it was what the product looked like that had us hoarding tube after tube. And at $19 a pop, it was well worth the money.
The range was unique at the time for one reason: The packaging included a half-naked man inside the cap. At first glance, the tube’s hologram was of a dude wearing clothes, but with a quick hand movement, you would see him change down to his skivvies. Now that’s something people don’t forget. Reddit user @_pineapple posted to the Makeup Addiction thread, “I just found this old urban decay lipgloss that I bought at Walmart. The picture changes when you tip the bottle.” And the comments lit up with nostalgia.
One user replied, “Oh yes, the memories. The sweet, sweet middle school memories.
I wanted these so badly that I saved hardcore and then it was one of those things that nobody else I knew really gave a shit about it. Dem young makeup enthusiast probs.”
“Hahaha I remember my mom being absolutely scandalized by these!” added another.
Even more comments called back to the sickening caramel scent that plagued the whole range, but it never mattered. Hiding one of these bad boys in our backpacks made us feel so damn cool. Considering lip gloss is on-trend again, it wouldn’t be so inconceivable for Urban Decay to bring back the iconic collection. Here’s hoping…